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introduced, as the first city in the united states, neighborhood cultural centers, as a reflection of not only dealing with art, but making sure that art is focused in the neighborhoods. we really want our community to have the opportunity to participate, to deal with, and actually to become involved with art development. recently the city has found its way to make sure that at least 2% of every new construction in city buildings is preserved for art. and this is kind of an extraordinary thing for a city of our size to do. as a result, we have a wide array of lots of cultural and artistic venues for people to take advantage of. >> i wanted to let sfgtv, we have a powerpoint. >> yes, we do. but i'm not quite ready to use it yet but i will hit that button in just a moment. thank you for reminding me. the reputation and promise of the arts commission has been tarnished recently. and i think by looking at our report and reading it, you get a clear indication of how what was to be an extraordinary part of our art community has found itself faced with a variety of challenges and criticis
journalists. >> he shot this video in the first city taken by the rebels. >> i was responding. i was about 20 inches from the tank. >> in our studio, rudy uses -- explains the technical tricks he has used to protect video on his computer from the prying eyes of eckpnts. he has been to jail three times. he was also tortured and feared for his life. >> maybe i'm the next one who will die in the shelling. but because we try to just let everyone in the world see what the rajiv -- what the regime is doing. we are ready to sacrifice ourselves to the world. >> these are all students who became a citizen journalists before fleeing syria. in paris, they found support from like mines -- mines -- minds. mahomet came to paris 12 years ago. he has been helping syrian refugees since the conflict broke out, providingdocumentati, and consolation. >> when they arrive, they emerged from jail and from being tortured. plus, they no longer have a purpose,ike organizg an filming the resistance to assad. we try to take them in. >> among the compatriots' he has been looking after is actress and activist fadwa suliem
, the first is that mayor lee is working hard to make this city an even better place to start and grow a new business, and second, he's been a toothless support of electric vehicles to improve san francisco's environment and the global environment as a whole so please welcome mayor ed lee. >> michael, matt, congratulations to scoot, yes. scoot and san francisco, well, let me first of all put this in some little perspective that i know, i know that we just announced last week, eb week in san francisco to the delight of so many people who want to just have modes of transportation, multiple modes of transportation in a city that are also environmentally friendly and to contribute that reducing our fossil fuels, we are in san francisco world citizens after all and i know it's exciting for ed risken, our mta manager, he and i were excited to talk about different modes of transportation as we create all these exciting events to come to san francisco. i know it's exciting for board president david chiu, we tried to put pods for car sharing in neighborhoods on public streets and began in russian hil
. they were born in 1967, as i mentioned before, the first in the nation for a city to develop such things. we have four physical buildings, as part of the cultural centers, one in the western addition, one in the bayview, one in mission, and one in south of market. and we have two virtual centers that are located in the south of market building. the charter says that the arts commission is to promote neighborhood arts programs, keep them open, make them continually accessible, and have ties with those programs, with the community. and annually the board of supervisors allocates funds to maintain, operate, and provide security for these cultural centers. and there is an obligation to repair and to maintain them. we were somewhat pleased that in recent days the capital planning committee have submitted a budget which deals with this in some way. and we just hope that those kinds of funds for capital improvements to buildings that are in great need to be rehabilitated will continue, as such as possible. we recommend that the arts commission find its way to engage local communities that are being
. i want to thank also the agencies of the city that have worked with us. first of all, the department of emergency management. we've become really kindred spirits in this whole process and we have been working with the poor, we've been working with the fire department, the police department, and who knows where else in this city. but there's just a lot of things i guess most of all martha cohen works with us on this. thank you for all you do to make this happen. i do want to say the importance of the mission of the disaster response, we have a saying in the marine corps, never put yourself in a position where you have to introduce yourself from the battle field. get to know each other before something happens. and that's what this is about. and we've gotten to know these military and these civilian folks that are going to have to work together when a big catastrophic earthquake happens. we don't know when it will happen. we do know that one of these days everybody predicts we're going to have one. there's a lot of other events that go on during fleet week and it's the fun part. the ai
or landline. they are not aware of any city sponsored program making this sort of questioning and residents shouldn't answer questions. daredevil felix baumgartner is attempting to become the first daredevil to break the sound bearier. the weather forecast looks favorable for the jump tomorrow near roswell. new mexico at sunrise. he will ride a 55 story helium balloon to the edge of space, and then jump from 23 miles high. he expects to break the sound barrier before he activates his parachute at about 5,000 feet above the new mexico desert. >>> hopefully the weather will cooperate for him and if you like warm weather than we've got the forecast for you. it's heating up again. >> and we had a jump today. we jumped a food ten degrees in comparison to yesterday when we had plenty of cloud cover and cool conditions and even isolated showers. hi everybody. let's take a look at today's high temperatures across the bay area from the low 60s in pacifica through the beaches. 78 degrees in san francisco. that's spot-on for this time of the year. low 70s in san jose down from the average high of 77.
organizations are coming together to support veterans in 200 cities across america. but first, reinvigorating nuclear security has been a top air force priority since a b-52 bomber mistakenly fitted with nuclear weapons flew across the country. a once rigorous system has grown lapse. meanwhile, the air force is modernizing by keeping with a 2010 obama plan by keeping with a smaller arsenal. in 2010, a nuclear treaty limited with russia limited the number of nuclear weapons. i recently spoke with the chief of staff, and asked him what looming automatic budget cuts would mean for the nuclear enterprise. >> well the nuclear enterprise is the perfection is standard. we look very hard at any serious cut that would jeopardize nuclear assurety. it does loom. it is equivalent to a meat axe. it is not a surgical strike of our dollars, and it has a serious effect. we cannot afford that kind of a cut in our nuclear enterprise. we're in the midst of modernizing our weapons systems we have made great strides to strangen our ability. our airmen are performing well, everything is on the table in this budget
, the shuttle made its first stop, at the hiss toreic forumen the city of inglewood for a special ceremony. ♪ city officials, three astronauts who flu missions were in attendance with thousands of patriotic fans. >> "endeavour" is a national treasure. i am pleased. and the new home here in southern california. >> "endeavour's" home will be the california science center where officials hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. >>> clearly this was an instant tourist attraction in los angeles. people have found creative ways to take photos of themselves and the space shuttle. very nice. a good one. there are many more pictures on our website at nbc bay they're inside our top story. in a race for the white house -- clearing the calendar for the next three days. told to prepare for tuesday's debate. he used his address to take credit for jobs. >> i bet on workers and, that bet is paying off in a big way. >> mitt romney and his runningmate are both in the swing state of ohio. and romney spoke to a large crowd as you can see ther
say the first milestone started back in 2005 bh the city adopted the transbay redevelopment plan that covered part of this plan area but focused on properties along folsom street that were transfer prd the state of california to the city and all this was to the ends of building the new transbay transit center and the downtown neighborhood, at that time and coming out of that plan effort, the city in the inner act si effort led by the mayor's office commissioned a report that recommended the creation aof a new broader area plan that covered a broader area around the transbay transit center to consider the land use patterns in the future of downtown growth in the context of the new transit center project. so, we engage ined that public process for several years, culminating in a draft plan in 2009 and towards the end of 2011, a draft eir was published on the plan and then this may, the planning commission certified the eir and adopted the plan, following that the, the board approved the plan and the mayor signed it and they are not reflective, so the next step and key step in the i
them enough to risk my life. >> when we were first in this city six years ago, this wasn't a bazaar, it was a combat zone. today you are more likely to get one over by a truck, car or motorcycle than to get hit by an iud and that's thanks to the special security force and the local police they have trained and mentored. >> are you worried about the again on blue stuff you keep hearing about? >> no, sir. we have a very good relationship with the commander. we train and live and work with these guys everyday. i'm willing to go out on the wire with them and willing to come to their camp. >> eric, we are now at ford operating service. the task force here and task at hand has been made nor difficult and dangerous by all of those date-certain and extra-strategy talks coming out of washington. but the troops here, like captain adam standing beside me, have made a profound difference in the security situation here in helman and particularly in this district. captain, you just heard what was being said about blue on green. or green on blue, right? attacks by afghans against americans. you an
of you who know me know that my first andy>k foremost interest at city hall is election activism and well-running elections and thatéyg#t activism has led me in and out of the political factions here. i would say removing a person from office for relatively minor if any official malfeasance and ití not about domestic violence,eu/ that's a really, really bad thing for -- the man is -- or anyone inme+km his position is -- has to get reelected, and also there's an election process called a recall. i would maintain the checks and balances of governments if i were you. the board of supervisors is supposed to be a balance to the mayor. i would act on that. thank you. >> hi. maria morgan and president chiu you might want to get the gaveli ready because i think you're going to need it. i am here to ask you to remove ross from office. i'm here for$j the many san franciscans who are unable to attendz0utáq very lengthy hearings. many, many people want him removed from office. i knowa,a÷) that supervisor kim was concerned
you, louis. i want to take the opportunity first to thank this group of volunteers that has worked the last 10 months to put this event together. they are wonder of people and wonderful citizens in the city and county of san francisco to make this thing happen. i want to thank also the agencies of the city that have worked with us. first of all, the department of emergency management. we've become really kindred spirits in this whole process and we have been working with the poor, we've been working with the fire department, the police department, and who knows where else in this city. but there's just a lot of things i guess most of all martha cohen works with us on this. thank you for all you do to make this happen. i do want to say the importance of the mission of the disaster response, we have a saying in the marine corps, never put yourself in a position where you have to introduce yourself from the battle field. get to know each other before something happens. and that's what this is about. and we've gotten to know these military and these civilian folks that are going to hav
for the cities? you want to tackle the economy and the deficit first --- >> first, you've got to have money to pay for these things. so, you've got to create jobs. there are all kinds of ways to create jobs in the inner city. now, i'm not a politician, but i think i could go to washington in a week and get everybody holding hands and get this bill signed. because i talked to the democratic leaders and they want it; i talked to republican leaders and they want it. but since they are bred from childhood to fight with one another rather than get results -- you know, i would be glad to drop out and spend a little time and see if we couldn't build some bridges. now, results is what count. the president can't order congress around. congress can't order the president around. that'snot bad for a guy never been there, right? but you have to work together. now, i have talked to the chairmen of the committees that want this. they're democrats. the president wants, but we can't get it, because we sit here in gridlock because it's a campaign year. we didn't fund a lot of other things this year, like the
, of course, in washington. >> i it is like people that go there -- they understand it's a bulletproof city. we are seeing the first, you know, the beginnings of a turnaround. >> we see that. in northern virginia, there is a good market, but you have to have the best people. we do believe that we have the best people. we have the best ople in the market. also, it is the small towns away from washington. those banks are being killed. so that is what worries me. as a banker, to see these banks, one by one fail, even though a lot of people think that they are being bailed out by the government, they are actually not being bailed out by the government. [talking over each other] the fdic pics of that. and kurt and i pay for that. >> were marred just made a great point. my insurance costs have tripled. i have been penalized. >> what it does is not only enable us to serve our customers, it is absolutely terrible. neil: okay, gentlemen, thank you both very much. very hopeful. i think everyone is thinking big and maybe you should just think small. coming up next, what happens when his opponent does
across the country. we're getting a million kids involved in that and you are part of that first effort. you are seeing this film and there are 122 other cities across the country that are seeing it on launch date today. it will touch 127,000 kids and have 7500 teachers involved for the 1-million kid initiative. you are part of the 800 kids in san francisco that are going to help us start a great effort to stop bullying. so i want to give a shout out today to many of you who are proud of the schools you are in. let me begin. francisco middle school, they are in the house! marina middle school, thank you for being here. george washington high school, thank you for being here! roosevelt middle school, where is roosevelt? balboa high school, yeah! civic center secondary school. wallingburg high school! thank you everybody for being here. i know you are going to help us. and guess what? you are too legit to quit. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> how about a round of applause for our mayor? [ applause ] talk about two legit to quit. so let's get real. let's get ready to watch this movi
this city. >> it is great to come out and enjoy. is great. >> everyone, whether you are first or last, is a winner. tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> all the sunshine we had today -- a beautiful day. a little chilly, but beautiful. we are on the south edge of warmer air coming in, but you cannot see it right there. the warm front is generating showers up in pennsylvania and back in the great lakes as well. this is tracking to the east, so it is not headed in our direction. we are just picking up a few clouds on the edge of the. 58 was the high. v low at the airport officially was 39 degrees. some of you did make it down to freezing or below that. on tv hill, we got to 34 or below that this morning. we were about 10 degrees below the average for the season. right now the blue shades indicate most of the ratings have dropped down to 50 degrees or a little colder than that. not as cold as light night -- as last night though. look at this. we have this cold air in new england. 50's and 60's out to the west. 52 in charleston. there i
word......there wws no pottve.... 3 &p3 new developmentt toniiht, n a story ou saw first on fox.... &p bbltimore comptrollee joan praat is slappiig the mayor and city council with a lawssitt.. she's accusing thhm of bypassing the city's charter and awarding a luurative phone contract to 'diggcon'....ithout acccptiig . bidss rrtt has battled phh mayor for months..... but her lawsuit gets specific... in it, sse claiis the maaor changed the city's bidding ppocess when it was clear 'digicon' was aboot to lose the deal to i-b-m. dollars went to digicon and, according to tteecomptrooler, there was no oversight or formal approval. it's that iie of year again... and what thousands have been training áso hard for...the baltimore marathon! janiceepark tells us, eopll years racc.o compeee in this - race. in the shaaow of camden yards. with the birr never too far away...the baltimore marathon b: begins: globe from 24 countries:om aal - 3&"it's undescribible, self- fulfulling feeling"runners say thhs ccurse ii noo joke...thanks to seeeral hills: hills:"yea this will he
is from jane and calabasas, california. i'm sorry, first jane in new york city. >> that afternoon. i appreciate you. you raised the question of of only one woman being in the book. you did not answer that question and i would like to revisit it. my concern is that there is only one woman. there are several women inventors. why out of all african american inventors fair, white is there only one -- why is there only one -- and all only one -- and all the ones we did during black history month, okay, joy, thanks. >> the ones that we were able to work fine, -- the ones we were able to find, of course, there could be a book on women inventors. all the other ones we thought were significant and we didn't want to exclude women. so we made sure that we had our women's invention. the woman whose future. >> you are also very involved in education, which is a big effort to get science technology and math and engineering and the like. is this in concert without ever? >> yes, i think that is a fact that all the people that are heroes in this book, they are mathematicians and engineers and, a chem
,p-ófh i rejoiced. i'm tired of fighting. your comments about medical this is a sanctuary city. and where is the mayor? speaker. >> first of all, thank you for giving mehsñ opportunity, supervisors, to present. and i would like tol[.9ç endorsd stand with our sheriff, "occupyl movement, occupy south no one coming forward because the police is against us, andzzje our freedom of cho, and speech that undery[-áot atty our federal government and our country is out of control. we need to start at a local level and start supporting our good police department, so they can protect us, our constitutional rights are so important. and this is happening all over the country. our governors, our judges, our prosecutors, our mayors, are all in bed together. they're not protecting our rights. they go to the same resorts and clubs. our system is archaic. this is happening in every part of the country, such as the city that imfrom, south san francisco, and -- mayor, mr. vando with the police department and officer sad aki removed me out of our property illegally destroyed a small community building garde
. >> president farrell: just one question. san francisco does very well compared to other california cities but california does poorly to other states. the first finding we're asked to comment on is that we develop more than any other municipality in the u. s. do you know where we stand in there hasn't been a comprehensive analysis from what you've seen. >> yes. i want to clarify. we were asked to either agree, disagree partially, or disagree wholly by the instructions. in terms of the cup half full or empty when we disagree partially you can interpret that as a green partially. in terms of finding one, we just do not have the teat before us. there had not been a comprehensive data set. we would wanted to have a methodology to know what numbers we are looking at. san francisco is in terms of per capita funding arts is one of the highest in the country which is a great honor for our city. so with that i want to speak on a high level of of what the role of the report will be in terms of organizational change and improvement at the arts commission and then i'll at a high level go through some
after the election of the city's first black mayor, harold washington. >> ...have joined hands to form a new democratic coalition... (applause and cheers) >> i think that the fact that chicago had elected an african-american mayor in harold washington sort of emphasized with barack that he was coming to a city where blacks were a major presence and had some significance. >> narrator: washington's politics were a living example of what obama was looking for. >> what washington was able to do was to put together these coalitions-- african-americans, latinos and progressive whites. and he was able to pull that together and beat the machine. >> god bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> and that kind of coalition building was incredibly influential for barack. >> narrator: obama's laboratory would be the city's south side. >> we had put an ad in a number of newspapers founa atmmcoity organizer in the south side of chicago. i'm looking for anybody who might be a good organizer, but i particularly need somebody who's african-american. >> and obama at that period of time,
miles downtown. that is ahead of the next cold front. a live look out at ocean city. the sun is setting in about 15 minutes. currently 72 at the airport and 75 downtown. 75 downtown. yeah. yeah. >> fearliss felix is the first person to travel faster than thsound. he traveled 24 miles, a record- breaking feat marking the world's first supersonic skydive. he took off in a pressurized capsule carried by helium balloon. he was expected to hit a speed of 690 miles per hour before activating his parachute about 5,000 feet above the ground. >> your insta-weather plus forecast with eva marie. >> i watched it live on the internet. as he started to fall, he spiraled out of control but regained stability. you can watch it on our website, it was incredible. let's look at the weather. we're seeing increasing clouds after beautiful sunshine today. we had the sunshine yesterday as well. things are changing as a new storm system approaches. light rain showers are moving through west virginia. they're mainly west of the appalachians now. we are expecting most of them to fall apart tonight. t
. and the first words you need to say in every city and state and just draw a line in the sand, is public schools exist for the benefit of the children. you're going to see a lot of people fall over. because anytime you're spending $199 billion a year, somebody's getting it. and the children get lost in the process. so that's step 1. keep in mind in 1960 when our schools were the envy of the world we were spending $16 billion on them. now we spend more than any other nation in the world, $199 billion a year and ranked at the bottom of the industrialized world in terms of education achievement. one more time, you bought a front row box seat and got a third-rate performance, because the government is not serving you. by and large it should be local. the more local the better. an interesting phenomenon. small towns have good schools, big cities have terrible schools. the best people in a small town will serve on the school board. you get into big cities, it's political patronage, stepping stones. you get the job, you gave your relatives the janitors jobs at $57,000 a year, more than the teachers mak
at the public opinion in this city regardless of whata(q/ was just said the chronicle's own poll, 64%, after nine mjlb9o of non-stop dishonest propaganda fromy?ti disinformation daily, going on and on, first of all the big issue here is]+ is in charge of foreclosures and eviction. and we have a class war going on in this city right now, in housing. and the2 people being driven from theiro÷ the mayor's camp. and we have a right to have ak[ah different viewpoint in the center of the legal structure of this city,bsebc and not to be taken over by those who are ruled by the real estate ññy development interests. removing the=cpeb sheriff removes an independent legal voice when we hav7zz@ some really questionable issues with the established political and police order and the district attorneyik8gñ covering for his activities previously
to evaporate, the warmth will head our way first in the inland valleys. it's 52 livermore, 57 in redwood city and 59 oakland and 54 santa rosa. much warmer yesterday, anywhere from 2 to 11 degrees warmer across the bay and that's due to the deck of all the moist air with us. so this afternoon then we are calling for mostly sunny conditions. a few high clouds in the north bay, a few stubborn patches of fog along the coast. you have the drizzle right on through the 9:00 hour. then we will begin to see it lift. then by the middle of the week after we get by a few weak weather systems well to the north of the golden state, we are going to get into an offshore flow and some breezy winds, perhaps high fire danger and low relative humidity. this morning we have high relative humidity. the first system passing to the north of us. perhaps a few high clouds. but overall we are looking at typical fall afternoon with the upper 20s in the sierra nevada. low 80s in the afternoon for sacramento. mid-60s in the northern sierra, and some of that fog staying awfully close to the coast. southern california, 89
as to the historic nature of thisÑ(xÑ proceeding. for the projector. >> this is the first time that commission has ever made a recommendation to the board of supervisors regarding charter section it's the third time in the history of this city the board has ever been asked to decide o a mayor's suspension of an elected official. official misconduct. egan and -- two ross mirkarimi did not commit a time. like all of the cases ross misconduct while in office. theh committed official misconduct in what makes this unique is the mayoru;p has decided to suspend on nothing more than a office. not -- it's not simply a question of whether to uphold or even a decision of the mayor. ultimately you must decide the will of the voters. because you are confronted with the possibility of removing an official the highest levels of due process should apply. the mayor has argued the lowest level should apply. he's argued for the broadest definition, the lowest standard of proof. he's submitted evidence that the in the words was designed to poison -- but even with the preponderance of echedz, with the majority vote o
1953, therexñxnx have nevr been a specific policy in the city of san francisco forhc dealing with an off-duty city official involved in domestic violence. the most common discipline that can be imposed for a first time offender for a -- allegation of domestic violence is counseling, by he is currently undergoing. and some -- you consider this incident high caliber but the court sees it different. what the court handed down is a standard procedure. turn to each other, not on each other. when you dissolve you drift. i believe a recommendation should be that sheriff ross mirkarimi incident should be parallel with the disposition of the dui case involving a city official, a shoplifting case involving an assembly woman at nieman marx, a battery case involving three public servants in the case. also to recuse yourself because of conflict of interest. since sheriff ross mirkarimi was voted in by san francisco voters. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. patrick connors. there are so many things that i would love to point out, i'll never get it in in two minutes. one th
in our city. >> reporter: last night engineers were faced with one of their most difficult maneuvers yet, getting "endeavour" across the 405 freeway. this morning, the shuttle made its first stop at the historic forum in englewood for a special ceremony. >> "endeavour" is a true national treasure and i'm extremely pleased to welcome it to the new home here in southern california. >> reporter: later in the day, after a delay due to maintenance on the transporter and maneuvering challenges, fans were treated to a special musical performance arranged by famed choreographer debbie allen. "endeavorer's" new home the california science center where officials hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. >>> here at home, plans are moving forward for a development of st. elizabeth's east campus in southeast d.c. maynor gray unveiled plans for a new gateway pavilion that will open next summer. it's designed to be a temporary hub for farmers' markets, casual dining and cultural events. a larger redevelopment will bring retail and residential spac
. >> for "today", joelle, new york. >> today, call from the wild in latin-america, of all placees. but first, these messagees. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> this morning on today's call of the wild, creatures from one of the plannest's most biologically diverse regions, latin-america. >> here to further our understanding of wildlife and knowledge down there, julie, thanks for joining us. >> we have some fantastic animals from the rain forest of south america today. th
, we have a recall j"!5 let us recall. remember, he who casts thecaí first stone without -- cast the first stone. we all have done wrong. and i'm not placing any -- but i'm saying that's a good man. and we need him here in city. we voted for him. let him be. thank you. >> president chiu:ú next speaker please. >> good evening, supervisors.einjietq)áÑ name is sharon ewing and i stand before you as a resident, a voter, but more importantly-jl a grandma. today i want to take a little diversion from the content qy&qg7t heard and i'm asking that we really seize this opportunity for>ç> bring a healing to the city, and that we mitigateddhp the divide between our advocates in the gg"ñuj )h violence community and our duly elected sheriff. i urge that we seize thisç9b @&c"p% opportunity to look very carefully at our behavior and our vote tonight in:chm a way that brings this city together, and stops what has been ag7b=ñ destructive, tearing apart of people intended to do the right thing. thank you. >> president chiu: n
-american protestors in the streets across the cities, the foreign minister traveled to washington for our first ever strategic dialogue. he could have avoided the cameras but instead he strongly condemned the attack in benghazi, embraced a broader partnership with the united states and pledged that his country would continue working toward democracy and the rule of law. algeria also has much to gain by embracing the changes that are taking place around it and we have seen some progress. the government held particle meantry elections in may and invited observers to monitor them for the first time. and it moved quickly last month to protect diplomatic missions including the u.s. embassy and diffuse tensions in the streets. but still algeria has a lot of work to do to up hold universal rights and create space for civil society. a message i delivered at the highest levels in person in february. now what do these snap shots and stories from across the region tell us? on the one hand last month's violence revealed strains of extremism that threatened those nations as well as the broader region and even th
, the best thing for the screen, in 1963. tired of his house in your city he moved. they are vidal finishes bet not -- best novel today. the last pagan emperor, is a subject that is the subject of for fastening chapters. expanding on the first person examples, and memoirs, vidal told the tale through multiple and a raiders, a device that enabled him to use pieces of a voice he developed in his essays. he was better at showing -- that are at telling and showing anyway. and first person narrative is all telling. storytelling. the book came out in 1964 with excellent reviews. it was a surprise bestseller. he returned to edgewater, wrote more essays, more political journalism and it worked in other screenplays before he returned to rome to finish his washington novel. this is simply named washington, d.c. is a family saga about political life from the new deal to the mccarthy era. at bush in early 1957, it was a step backwards, a surprisingly clunky novel written mostly in expository dialogue. there's a promising subplot in the homoerotic bond between a newspaper publisher, a young politician,
today and in -- in the city. the warming trend will continue and will be subtle for the first couple of days as we get into monday, tuesday. we will note the notable warm up. >> upper 80s and 90s in the forecast. p 0s and 80s. along the beaches looks like it had be the warmest days of the week. >>> three baby sea lions have been released back into the wer beach in lima, they will reintegrate endangered species into the habitat. the warming waters have caused a drop in fish levels leaving sea lions to search on land for food. >>> fires were deliberately set. in this case in the south bay. >> we could being moments away as the daredevil skydiver get ready to jump from the edge of space. >>> it is already a busy morning in san francisco. check out all those runners. very long trek through the city streets of san francisco. 20,000 runners and we will check in on the nike women's marathon coming up. . >>> it is the largest women's marathon in the world. it is in san francisco right now. welcome back to "mornings on 2". i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> they offer breathtaking vi
>> i am a first generation immigrant and i came from india and from the south, and i am a civic attorney and i believe in the american dream and as it is exercised here in the beautiful city of san francisco and the state of california where i chose to live, but many california voters are voting with their feet and they are voting with their feet to leave the state of california. they are moving to nevada, texas and other parts of the country where they are less taxed and regulated and less burdened by rules such as calorie count on the menus such as the regulations regarding home care workers, it does not make sense to start a new business here in california. and frankly that is where the taxes come from in most states they come from businesses. as the businesses flee you are going to see the tax base flee and as legislatures such as senator leno continue to pass more legislation that impedes the freedom of business and citizens to exercise their rights you are going to see them vote with their feet and leave california. >> that attorneys me as someone who wants to retire and
's great. i think it's a great celebration of the orioles, ravens, under armour, baltimore city, everything i love about this city. >> it's great for the city, it's exciting to see people come and run and enjoy. it's great. >> in the marathon, everyone who crosses the finish line, whether you're first or last, is a winner. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> time now is 9:06. keeping down the rising cost of childcare. we will sit down with the head of a leading daycare center in the country for tips on how to do that. >> and o's fans are looking forward to next season. up next, how they chose to show gratitude to the team. >> it's going to be a nice day today with temperatures sneaking into the 70's but things change tomorrow. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tony pann. >> welcome back, the time is 9:09, a beautiful start for us sunday morning. 53 degrees at the airport, 56 downtown, winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. if you're lucky enough to have ravens tickets, you picked a good day. it will be nice with high temperatures in the upper 60's, low 70's. kickoff shou
in a number of dyfferent cities in the key swing states b30 people, and they react second by second, using dials. in and in almost every biden's style scores did better than ryans and yet when you startlet discussion the first thing they said is, "why was he interrupting? why was he seeming to go overboard? he was passionate but he went too far." >> at the risk of interrupting, you know, what strikes me about this with romney, for example, is we're not about to pick the head of a yacht club. we're electing a president, right. so in terms of substance, you have a presidential candidate who has a secret plan. he's going to cut taxes 20% across the board, $5 trillion, but won't tell us how he'll pay for it. to me, this is insting to the american people. and this is not, in my mind, a theater performance, bob. i mean, we are sitting here-- we're going to talk polls and strategy and debate performance, but this is th isn't show business. this is about leadership and who will lead this country in the next century. >> allow me one point on this, though, which is that if you can't cooperate in a d
proof and we talked way back at spring training, our first meeting, and they bought into each other and they were good teammates and they were people that our city and organization can be proud of. and we'll see them again. >>> here's fox 5's lindsay murphy with the virginia-maryland game and a wrapup of the nats' final game of the year. >>> nats players and fans went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in the span of nine innings. a 6-0 lead was safe for a while. then the cardinals started chipping away, then the 9th happened. those chips became chunks and the champagne had to be moved out of the nats clubhouse. bottom of the 8th, nats up 6-5. suzuki, 2 on, 2 out, one up the middle off of mott. nats with insurance, up 7-5. and the record crowd erupting, thinking they got it in the bag. top of the 9th, still 7-5. bases loaded, 2 outs, this hit goes off the glove of ian desmond into center field. two runners score. the nats once a strike away from winning the series. game tied. next batter, 2 on, 2-2 count, base hit to right, two more runners come home. cardinals score 4
of the orioles, ravens, under armour, baltimore city, everything i love about this city. >> it's great for the city. it's exciting to see people come and run and enjoy. it's great. >> in the marathon, everyone who crosses the finish line, whether you're first or last, is a winner. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i clapped for everybody out there. >> 5:06 and what's the temperature at the airport? >> 48. >> 48 at b.w.i. he was a staple on tv in the 1980's, popping up on dozens of shows. coming up, we will remember gary collins. >> and endeavour closer to its final destination. >> first, a live picture outside. tony has the insta-weather plus tony has the insta-weather plus forecast next. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. visit an america's best location near you today to find the authentic transitions brand lenses that fit your life. america's best. best prices in sight. it's a rainy morni
in the city where i was visiting mark. it was quite a violent incident according to the early reports and by then it was an hour to after we had heard the first sirens. there were choppers flying around and six or seven different police agencies were converging with the huge and rapidly escalating manhunt. mark turned to me and said this sounds like your kind of story. he was sort of half joking but when joshua trees are involved i'm usually right there. even though i do break for sand and the desert is often the main character i don't respond to every siren i hear and i don't do that kind of reporting even though the story "desert reckoning" and ironically enough. i guess i have with this book. which took eight years by the way. at any rate we started watching the coverage as it unfolded that afternoon and it turned out that the two main characters involved were very compelling to me. there was a dedicated hermit donald cook who was a suspect in the shooting and he had fled after ambushing the sheriff and it turned out that he was a doctor too little figure with an assault rifle and
announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] >> political parties spend millions trying to persuade you to vote for their candidate, but there's more to it than just convincing you. first they obsess about whether you are worth convincing. >> the whole art of politics in presidential blocks particularly is to target those people who are with you at the beginning d leave them alone until you need to get them to vote. target those who are going to be against you and don't stir them up, and focus everything you can on those who are persuadable. >> that may be 10% of the people, 20%? >> yeah. used to be 20%. this year particularly it's down to 10%. the art of finding that 10% is key to all this. >> no one did that better than karl rove. he pioneered what he called microtargeting. that was credited with winning the 2004 election. he compiled reams ofnformation about people. >> if they own a gun, what magazines they read, what car they own. >> we had a microtargeted voter file in which we had up 225 pieces of household level information about them. we knew what
last saturday and people coming up to me for the first time saying that we have a reason to believe that mitt romney can actually win this. three or four weeks ago traveling in places like kansas city they didn't have that same feeling and they do now. even in california the local cbs 5 poll showing an 8-point game for mitt romney. he is still like 14 points behind in california but if he is moving up that far in california that is not insignificant. i think without a doubt mitt romney in this debate has to show that connection and abill to be a little is self-deprecating and on the march but staying off the defense. on the defensive i think he looks weak. he has to stay on the march. >> chris: what do you think is is the top priority for the president in the debate and being that it as town hall how does he get more aggressive with romney when has to respond to real people with real problems and not just questions from reporters? >> the race is volatile and can two either direction i think. what is really important for obama, he can't come on in the next debate and all of a sudden
are appreciating what he's saying, having witnessed what he did in that first debate with president obama. he faces unique challenges in this next debate on tuesday night outside of new york city at hofstra university. specifically, he will have to speak directly to the voters in the room with them, just a total of 80 voters. while he's done a lot of town halls, the campaign says he has practice at this, he hasn't had a lot of tough questions thrown at him at those town halls. they're generally from people who are there because they support him. i spoke to a top adviser a couple days ago who said among the things they've been focusing on is physically what you do with your body during that conversation. do you look at the president? do you look at the moderator? do you speak directly to the vote who ar who is talking to y? obviously it's more challenging than the last debate. among other things, there's no closing argument. the campaign felt really good about mitt romney's closing argument and his two-minute comments throughout the course of the first debate. he won't have that opportunity this deb
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